"KALO" was started as a project of Masahiro Uemura ( g, key, prog) in 2001, but the root goes back before about 20 years.

 Uemura was born in Osaka in 1963. He began the guitar at 16 years old, and began composition at 18 years old. After coming up to Tokyo, he was devoted to making music by multiplex recording.

 He participated in original omnibus ( several person participation, such as Mr. Sakaue who was the guitarist of Vermilion Sands, etc.) in 1985 from Pigs Music Corporation which was a plan of Morihide Sawada ( now“Morsof”) and Hiroyuki Ishizawa ("IO", "Fairy", now"Ritual Carnage").
 At this time, he offered two music ( track1 "dharani " of album Spiral Dream was released in another title).

 By the general invitation which Uemura issued in 1986, Takezawa( key), Ishikawa( ds), and Sasaki( bass, stick) gathered, and formation and live activity are performed for a progressive rock band "DHARANI ".
It dispersed next year.

 1988 - 1994. Uemura participated in a symphonic rock band "Fairy" as a guitarist from Hiroyuki Ishizawa's invitation. Then, it becomes "IO" in which members were divided.

 "IO" released album "Glass Castle" in 1990. And later, members re-joined together and album "HESPERIA" was released in 1994. "Fairy" was dispersed in the same year.

 1995 - 1998. He offered the music of a painter's image video. After that, it was invited by Mr. Sato( music composer), and game music work was performed.

 2001. He put into operation "KALO" which was also years of design, and re-recorded the music made in 20 years with Miori Naritomi and others. Album "Spiral Dream" will be released from the double label of InterMusic & MUSEA in 2004.

1986 "DHARANI "
Uemura (g)        Takezawa (key)
Sasaki (bass, stick)    Ishikawa (ds)

1990 "IO"

Masahiro Uemura
2004 In Black Cats Studio

 Glass Castle / IO