“KALO” is a project by Masahiro Uemura (born 1963 in Osaka, Japan).

He started playing guitar at the age of 16, and began composing and producing music by overdubbing at the age of 18.

1986: Formed the progressive rock band "Darani" with four members and performed live activities.

1988-1994 At the invitation of Hiroyuki Ishizawa (bass), he joined the symphonic band "Fairy" as a guitarist, and later the members split and became "IO".

"IO" released the album "Glass Castle" in 1990, and later the members reunited, and "Fairy" released the album "HESPERIA" in 1994.

2001: Uemura began recording an album that he had been planning for many years.

Miori Narutomi (vocalist) was featured on 3 songs including the album title song, and Uemura was in charge of all instruments other than vocals, including programming.

In 2004, ``Spiral Dream / KALO'' was simultaneously released on InterMusic (Japan) and MUSEA (France).

Although KALO's music is mainly symphonic rock music, it leans toward avant-garde yet unique musicality.

1986 "DHARANI "
Uemura (g)        Takezawa (key)
Sasaki (bass, stick)    Ishikawa (ds)

1990 "IO"

Masahiro Uemura 2004

 Glass Castle / IO