An order to MusicTerm
 Apology for Member Notation

 We would like to correct an error in the notation of the members of this album,
which was released in 2004.

Participating members listed on the back of the album and in the liner notes,

Yan : Bass Guitar
Koro Uemura : Druns, Percussion

is not true,
   Backside of jacket
  In fact, I programmed the music into the computer and the music software.
(by typing in each note, its length, intensity, timing, etc.) and digital sound sources.

While working on the album, I lost my two beloved friends, my cats Yan and Koro.

I felt guilty about making false notations,
but at the time I wanted to preserve their name,
who had accompanied me for so many years.

  I hereby apologize profusely for any untrue representations I have made.

               Masahiro Uemura

           Koro & Yan

  A part of instruments, sound sources, etc. used ( 2001-2003 )

  Recording and editing with DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation ) software ( 2001-2003 )