@KALO - "Spiral Dream"

@Love at first listening ! this is the way I truly ought to refer myself toward this thundering surprise coming
straight from Japan, that hit me last week, and really freaked me out. The band name is Kalo, and the album,
which is its debut calls efSpiral Dreamff.

This project was previously accomplished some 20 years ago by the skilful multi-instrumentalist Masahiro
Uemura, born in Osaka, and who began playing the guitars at sixteen ; Also, by the female
vocalist Miori Naritomi, among other musicians not mentioned namely.

Meanwhile Uemura was actively involved with other two successful bands as IO and Fairy, whose both bands,
released an only album eachefGlass Castleff and efHisperiaff.

In 2001 Uemura and Miori Naritomi made up their mind about bringing their sleeping project back to life, and
began buckling themselves to it again by re-recording the tracks and also working upon the artwork.
Fortunately all this effort resulted in the release of a top-flight album, which sure as shooting I dare to say
this album is one of the best releases out in 2004, and Ifm sure that Ifm not talking through my hat,
seen that it has been issued by two renowned record labels, the InterMusic and also Musea; So that really
clinches matter.

efSpiral Dreamff consists of twelve wonderful songs, which only three of them are beautifully performed by
Miori Naritomi, who is owner of a crystal clear voice, keeping in fact the very same tradition of the several
japanese progressive rock bands that brightly use to opt for having a female singer as their leading vocals,
and as usual, the vocals are originally enacted in their native language, which sounds fine indeed.

The other remaining songs on the album are purely instrumental, featuring a lot of standout symphonic themes,
really able to afford unmeasured delight and emotion to every kind of listener that truly appreciates a good
quality music, such as that listener, who is more into the piercing compositions that use to go straight to the
heart, by giving vent to the most beautiful feelings often held up inside himself.

Since I got this album, it has been on for three times over, and this doesnft only happen because Ifm writing
a review about it, the album is captivating in fact and also dynamic, making me realize I may go to the most
fascinating spots in the world with no restriction at all.

The opening song on the album is simply an epic, whose title isefDharaniff that soon features Uemurafs
virtuosity in a clear way; obviously giving the listener a hint of whatfs just about to come henceforth.

@Summing it up, the album is musically magnificent on all aspects, not letting at all any true fan of
Progressive Rock music indifferent to it, and Ifm sure on the long run that everybody is going to come to
the same conclusion as I did, seen that the album is performed brillantly by a grade A quartet.

The line-up of Kalo consists of the following

musicians: Masahiro Uemura - Guitars, Keyboards & Programming,
Yan - Bass, Koro Uemura - Drums & percussion and Miori Naritomi - Vocals.
@efSpiral Dreamff is highly recommendable!

@06/06/2004 (Comments By Sergio Motta)